According to experts, the ten most likely professions to have an affair are:

盈幣寶-下單教學So-called full warm think lust. Most people who have extramarital affairs struggle for many years, and when they succeed one day, they always think that enjoying life is the first pleasure. Many of them are middle-aged and feel uneasy about their aging, so they want to catch the tail of youth. They are often in the situation of surplus power and money, the heart is in a state of emptiness, and the other half of the old people around, feel no fun life. This is when men seek to compensate for their feelings of extramarital affairs. They are undoubtedly elite in society, with high culture and status, and only in this way can they pay for their extramarital affairs. According to the statistics of a person who has studied extramarital affairs for many years, to analyze the specific reasons. The top 10 professions that are most likely to have extramarital affairs are: 1. Many private business owners suffered in their early years and spent half their lives floating in a sea of pitfalls and opportunities. Not many can succeed, they are undoubtedly the group of people who got rich first. Since they are private business owners, they live on their own merits. At that time condition relation, many of them have not read many books, their understanding of life is existence is reasonable, someone sells someone to buy. The private business owner’s extramarital affair is heavy on one money word. It’s business in plain English. The male civil servant has the right to change color. As a government official, the surface is dignified, but also a human one. A lesson from many fallen officials is that everything happens because of money and sex. And the reason that causes this kind of situation to be multiplied is the right is too concentrated, lack of regulation and self-discipline. There are many people who can resist the idea of spending public money on entertainment. The government civil servant’s extramarital affair is heavy on a right word. There has always been an old saying in China: heartless whore, no sense of the actor. A few days ago, a netizen according to Japanese actress sora aoi was called a prostitute by sister feng, the star dinner event out of a very incisitive words: in China, the star is a prostitute, prostitute is a star in Japan. The heaton hotel in chongqing also involved a deal with a well-known star. Artists for money or celebrity extramarital affairs, consumers pay to buy the stars on the head of the halo. On the other hand, it’s possible to make things happen when you’re filming, but there’s always a financial bargain. The extramarital affair of actor is heavy in a color word. When did the director become the code name of unspoken rules? Even con artists use an entertainment company director’s status to demand additional services from the women on the set: sex. None of the Chinese gate events can leave the director’s hype and cooperation. Since the frank treatment, why not worry about emotional and physical cheating. Directors are also more romantic characters, they all day in the beauty pile drill, beauty in order to get a good role, can only sell their own color. The most successful director is the life into a film, the film into a life, do not believe you can go to see the New Year film mobile phone. Aesthetic fatigue, is afraid of trouble! Director derailed or a right word. Five, the enterprise executive office romance, boss bao small secretary and other phenomena are common. It is also the leisure talk of people in the market. The power in the executive’s hand is to use half a lifetime of efforts to trade, the power in his hand makes many young women green eye. The mature successful man has a drum of confidence and charm, many women fall under his charming demeanour or wraish, look at the mountain that matter. The worst executives are the ones who have nothing to do but find excuses to talk about work. They will stare at you with leer eyes. Corporate executives are also a right word. Reporters and editors (media personnel) of this kind of crowd, relatively speaking, the incidence of extramarital affairs is not much. Journalists have no money and no power. Not the most women are looking for, unless, of course, some prominent members of the media. This type of person has a vivid imagination. They have talent. They can speak and write. Emotional life is also more demanding. They are often killers of chaste little girls, or the obvious best company of some unknown. Their strength is their talent. Bank clerk bank clerk and customer always have more convenient communication reasons. They also know how deep a customer’s wallet is, and when it comes to pulling in deposits and putting in loans, it’s hard to avoid personal emotions. Bank employees also have to deal with demands from their superiors that their extramarital affairs stem from the complexity of their profession, whether inside or outside it, with power inside and money outside. The temptation is too great. Eight, IT industry personnel may be industry relations, they are relatively young, but contact with things more monotonous. Imagine all day long to the ministry of computer and program, the person is not abnormal just strange, so need extramarital affair feeling to adjust oneself more. People who do IT are often ugly, but there is no denying that they are smart. Doctor doctor is an enviable profession, many women in the face of doctors always feel credible. After doctors perform surgery or treat patients, some patients will also give gifts to express their gratitude, their extra income naturally considerable. Too much money makes no difference. Doctors and small nurses, or between doctors, or even between female patients, a long time to get along, there will always be feelings. Ten, teachers and students love or between teachers, relatively fixed working environment and stable income make teachers do not have to worry too much. It is a good thing that young teachers get married in school. But some professors seek out female graduate students and use their power to enrich themselves or satisfy their desires. It was a very shady business. What parents are most concerned about is not being influenced by bad teachers. Therefore, many parents spend a lot of money and prefer to send their children to study abroad. The reason is that the teaching and learning environment is too complex. On the whole, comparing houses and cars to comparing women and lovers, in the final analysis, is a kind of all the money. Extramarital affairs are more common in successful people, and the internal factors are more likely to be due to the fact that the partner cannot meet the needs of the other party within the marriage. Or it could be a chronic lack of communication and early misselection that leaves the door open for a casual marriage. Among the men and women who have extramarital affairs, many of them use extramarital affairs to relieve their dissatisfaction with real life. Everyone wants to live a better life, but the key is restraint and contentment. Don’t mess up your life on the spur盈幣寶-下載教學 of the moment.

The average private investigator has those resources

EOS盈幣寶As a private investigator, he needs access, and if he doesn’t, he won’t be able to get anywhere in the industry. So what resources will he have? Typically, private investigators have two or three sources who can provide them with a lot of information. Because they pay off the police, telecommunications, Banks, railways, airports, logistics, express delivery, urban vehicle management and other agencies of the internal personnel, through these internal personnel illegally obtain the personal information of citizens. The inquiry information on market at present, it is false mostly, it is pure cheat money, can mobile phone localization for instance, can obtain call content, qq chats record what. Only a very small number of people do things with sincerity and conscience. Still have a few half true half false, also cheat money to occupy a majority. So these channel resources can provide those specific information, today let’s first say a mobile phone number, other tomorrow to saDASH盈幣寶y, or more content, a little also said. A phone number, channel resources can be mobile, unicom, telecom department within the ghost to check the id card number, now at the time of registered mobile phone number, can fill in the bank card number, if it does, it can check the bank card number, when registered mobile phone number and address written, if can find, just to check the registration information when, of course, not necessarily is the same as real. You can also check the call list. The so-called call list is who the phone card number has called in the last six months. For example, if wang baoqiang wants to check ma rong’s call list, then song zhe’s number will be the most. Of course, the phone can also be located, access to personal location information. Under normal circumstances, unicom and telecom mobile phone number can be located, mobile positioning is difficult. At the same time when the mobile phone is turned off is not located, if someone said he turned offBTC盈幣寶 the time can also be located, so congratulations to you, you ran into a liar. Let’s stop here today and continue tomorrow. Today, last time we talked about the call list, the call list actually includes the number of messages, the number of messages sent and the number of messages sent in. Some people do not understand, can ask commonly, have included message content. There really isn’t. There are only Numbers. Last time also mentioned mobile phone positioning, speaking of mobile phone positioning, tube car baohe tong world can be mobile phone positioning, but the need for authorization, is that he will send a text message to you, you need to reply to the text message, after your authorization, he can be positioning. This kind of home has old person or child, fear to lose not trust, can locate. Fear lover go out to fool around, not at ease, the right amount of some, do not abuse. Suggest everybody USES general the world, because general the world does not need annual fee,BSV盈幣寶 hand in 50 yuan, every decide 2 wool, be equivalent to almost free. And tube car treasure to annual fee, about 3,000. As for the accuracy of the positioning, I have personally tested, the suburban error is very large up to 1000 meters, urban error is much smaller, about 200 meters, some places may reach 50 meters. Of course, the positioning of channel resource personnel I mentioned does not have this limitation. Their positioning does not need SMS reply and can be directly positioned. Accuracy is also suburban error, urban error is small. Accuracy is general inside 500 meters, majority is 200 meters or so, one hand takes goods, of unicom 100 yuan, of telecommunication 200, of mobile a lot of decide not, can decide is cheater mostly. The price of secondhand is some more expensive, the likelihood that average person takes one’s hand is 5 hand 6, the price is natural tall, and majority may encounter cheater, take not true fixed position. That’s all for now. I’ll leave you wiBRC盈幣寶th a lot of stuff.

Three signs a man doesn’t love you anymore

taiwan detective徵信社Specifically, the following is what happens when a man doesn’t love a woman. When a man really falls in love with a woman, that love comes from the bottom of his heart and appeals to the heart. When he faces his sweetheart, his eyes will become infinitely tender, his speech will be slowed down, and his tone of voice will be exceptionally gentle. Because his heart eyes are all her figure, his heart eyes can only hold a she. As the song sang: “my heart only you, without her, you have to believe that my feelings are not false, only you let me move, only you are my care…… “Bdaaidetective徵信社ut if a man does not love a woman, he will no longer be gentle and considerate in front of her. He will not even have a tender look in his eyes. It was replaced by total indifference and a cold war. If a man loves a woman deeply, he will do anything for her, including shopping, chatting and watching movies with her. But if a man is no longer in love with this woman, then he will lose interest in everything about her. Many women feel cold for men’s change of heart. Most of the reason why a man is so different is that he is tired of the relationship and cannot find a fresh feeXRPling. And the effort that maintains affection freshness to need male and female bilateral joint and management, the effort that lacks any one party also of no avail. Of course, the man also has an exception, when he is particularly tired or outside by some grievance of time, he certainly can’t have the mood to accompany you to go shopping or chat, even do not want to listen to the woman nagging, but this does not mean he no longer love you, at this time the woman should understand. When a man is very concerned about a woman, he will pay attention to her every move. For exampXMRle, what women like to eat, what women don’t like to eat, and so on. Even a phone call or text message from a woman can excite a man for a long time. Maybe that’s the magic of love. Love can turn big men into little boys. But when a man stops calling or ignoring a woman’s text messages, his indifference is bound to hurt her. It could also be a sign of a rift in your relationship. At this time, you should find an opportunity to sit face to face and have a good communication. When a man doesn’t greet you, it’s probably a sign that he’s not paying attention to the relationship XLMor is moving on.

How does clever woman face husband to have an affair to deal with?

全球第一大交易所「幣安 Binance」有多厲害?How does clever woman face husband to have an affair to deal with? On the affair of the husband, the woman of different disposition has different processing way. The woman of gentle disposition can think marriage is above all, although the husband had an affair, as long as he still is willing to come back, I am willing to let bygones be bygones and accept him; But the woman that also has character to compare a few steely strength thinks his self-respect is more important, the husband has an affair is he betrayed marriage above all, why do we women still ask him to come back? He’s back this time. Will he be even worse next time? With small make up, say which processing way is not better, you are what kind of personality, do with your personality. We’ve given a lot of advice on what to do if the former husban【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】幣安趙長鵬:台灣民主且開放,很適合成亞洲區塊鏈中心!d has an affair, but this time the private investigator has some advice for women who want to maintain their self-esteem when dealing with an affair. One, wordless. Communication is the most important thing in a husband-wife relationship, and when a woman finds out that her husband is having an affair, her first reaction is usually anger, followed by two extremes. One is hysterical and the other is silent. And in the eyes of men, a woman if know oneself derailed, hysterically make, that she is still in love with their own, there is a turnaround between the two. And if a woman becomes silent, it shows that her heart is already cold, and that’s when men start to get really worried. The art of easily diverting his attention. After the husband has an affair to be discovered, if his heart still in your words, wi【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】Shitcoin 滿天飛?末日博士 Nouriel Roubini 跟 BitMEX Arthur Haye 激辯實錄ll be very nervous to your attitude. It is the wisest thing for a wise woman to do as she does at this time. When he discovers you and other man ambiguous not clear of time, be a man can be jealous, and need not blow the force of ash, you can give him from small three there bring back. Draw a clear line, show warning. It is always difficult to separate the husband and wife, because two people are a community, no matter what time they stand together. And if a woman suddenly stops talking to men about us and wants to be distinct from them, she can definitely feel the difference. And as long as it is to you still have the heart of the man, will know that you do this is a warning to him, but also to give him the opportunity to turn back. Even if he repents, don’t forgive easily. Love is not a business. Marriage【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】CZ 趙長鵬親談:幣安如何從 ICO 發跡? is not a game. A wise woman should let a man understand this, when he knows repentance, do not rush to forgive him, but should let him know clearly your bottom line. When you forgive him quickly, a man may feel less guilty the next time he cheats on you, because he may even feel like he hasn’t touched your bottom yet. Man derailed even if he kneels in front of you, you should also have their own dignity, love take ignore attitude, can let a man know that he really touched your bottom line, produce disappointed guilt regret not at the outset of the psychological, even if the face of the temptation is not easy to try. Conclusion: dealing with the affair of your husband, sometimes you will feel that it is a psychological war, right, to win the psychological war, you need to control your emotions, with reason 【亞洲區塊鏈高峰會】末日博士 Nouriel Roubini:比特幣根本不去中心,區塊鏈一點用都沒有to guide yourself.

How to win the wife’s forgiveness after the husband is off the rails?

婦幼徵信公司How to win the wife’s forgiveness after the husband is off the rails? The lure of the ideal society is not a two, more and more temptation from ecstasy of men can’t control my heart and excited, when my heart and mood, after the effects of family factors are likely to seek stimulation, private investigators found that a large majority of men have derailed heart, but when you really cheating wife was found, how to impress the wife forgive? 1, let the wife to calm a few days, don’t bother her: transposition to consider, if your wife attacks the relationship with other people, th警民徵信社BLOGen your heart will be what kind of think, if you can understand your wife now temper and mood, I believe you will calm calm wife first days, such ability better good to prepare for the back of the communication. 2, after eliminate wife spirit, patient talk to her, this time is still mad at your wife, that she is very care about you, especially the sad with your behavior, that time you say is not to explain your mistakes, but use your gentle to coax your wife, the first is to her to calm down, even if the said how ugly you are trying to control my mood, is due to your wrong 3, all the private money out to the wife: if you want to win forgiveness, then you have to give my financial resources to the wife, believe this is enough to believe that you will not attack this kind of thing, because you have no money, it also shows that you respect your wife. 4. Isolate yourself from the person you’re cheating on: delete phone calls, contact information, or blacklists in front of your wife. If your wife asks you to call him, do the same. 5, write a commitment agreement between husband and wife: best is commitment agreement will not have so big of law to徵信社 推薦 maintain efficiency, but it is about a wife you can guarantee the most effective proved, just need you signed, so you need to for this thing, because you’re a man, if you are capricious, so you don’t even have to do a man’s qualifications. 6, think about the future, couples handle the question: if you can say the problem is clear, then believe your day will be better, I hope you can happy happy live your days, his first wife is the person who loves you, you and her all and only one, a private investigator to remind don’t hurt your wife, because she is the dearest person in the world to you.

Private detective, how does the husband cheat many times

與盈幣寶事業結合有哪些好處呢?Private detective, how does the husband cheat many times? I caught my husband cheating on me and sent him away. I came back a few months later and asked me to forgive him an盈幣寶獲利見證d get on with my life. I acquiesced. Not long ago I found out about another woman, and when I found out, I promised to cut her off. He was recently discovered to be sneaking盈幣寶事業結合-項目說明 around with that woman. What do you think I should do? Expose him? Private detective reply: his behavior has become a habit? The future is uncertain. Unless you have someth盈幣寶合約交易平台介紹ing that binds him or attracts him, it’s not worth it. You’re trying to keep your family intact? Or for breath? Or to have paid the feelings feel cherish? In a word, he can’盈幣寶事業結合-集團簡介t be so indulgent.

What are the 4 unspeakable secrets of left-behind wives

嘉義徵信社推薦According to incomplete statistics, there are 87 million left-behind people in China, more than half of them are left-behind wives, who live alone all day and bear the burden of a family. My man working outside to earn money, private detective, the heart of the depression often nowhere to tell, are basically in the suffering through. So, what are the top 4 hidden secrets of left-behind wives? Today, I specially summed up: 1. Lonely night, the torture of sexless marriage every left-behind wife is the most difficult to spend when the night comes, a person at home, the kind of lonely situation is inconceivable. Originally is the husband and wife conjugal love night, my husband but in the outside work, year after year, day after day, husband and wife life for them, is almost impossible. A person so alone with the cold bedside, to tears, the torture of a sexless marriage is really too painful. 2. Faced with the stimulation and temptation of extramarital affairs, it is difficult to live apart from the two places. The ideal of getting together less and leaving more often makes left-behind wives often find it difficult to resist the stimulation and temptation of extramarital af台南徵信社推薦fairs. Most left-behind wives cheat, carrying their men and other men cheat, is because they are really too lonely, nowhere to vent, can only be so promiscuous. But, once be off the rails, after all can have the day that is discovered by the husband, must be husband and wife relation deteriorates by then, marriage breaks down. 3. There is a high rate of sexual harassment or assault by other men. It does not mean that every left-behind wife will cheat. But all in a village, little not a few rascals sex maniacal mix, so those men stare all day long, harass left-behind woman, some even atta高雄徵信社推薦ck left-behind wife is raped vicious service matter, have to let a person feel shocked and resentment. 4, worried about the husband outside looking for a woman about the left-behind wife, in addition to endure the torture of the sexless marriage, private detective is more worried about the husband outside looking for a woman, my man every day, do not know what to do outside, in case of cheating, I do not know. Actually, a lot of men earned money outside, forgot the wife of the home, beginning bao keep lover, go clubbing to look for young lady, some even direct divorce with the wife, is too shameless.

Mother – in – law accused me of having sex orgasmed too hi hit the door insult

量化交易In the journey to marital happiness, is it important to be in love or in the right family? I thought, as long as the couple really love each other, can overcome all difficulties. However, when growing up and family background conflict with love, it will be an endless test. Life is life, can not live in the vacuum of love, let others give marriage, unless you are strong enough, otherwise all your life to obey each other, and live with no dignity… Three years ago, qiang and I met at a party held by a friend. It was love at first sight. The other day, he offered me a dance. On the dance floor, he hugged me and whispered to me, asking if I had a boyfriend. I didn’t answer. When the party was over, he insisted on driving me back, but I didn’t let him. The private detective followed me all the way, followed me in his car. I was about to open the door when he appeared behind me. Why did I ask him? He said he liked me… From that day on, from that night on, I fell in love with strong. After living together for a long time, I learned that his family was very rich. His father was a government official, his mother was a corporate boss, and he worked in a bank. And I, just a grain of dust in the bustling city. I come from the countryside, parents are facing the loess, the back of the farmers, I am a 詐騙Cinderella. After graduation from college, through their own efforts, reluctantly stay in the city to become a white-collar. When I know he is both official second generation, is also rich second generation, once rationally proposed to break up with him, frankly we are not suitable together. But he wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t listen. He was very persistent. He said this life has identified me, he only love me one person. I was touched. After more than two years of trial marriage, I finally married him. But this period has experienced many ups and downs, sweet and tears coexist! Mainly because of the pressure from his family, especially his mother, who knew that after we lived together, she would not allow us to go out with each other. Love him what? Once forced me to break up with strong, incredibly threw in front of me 100,000 yuan, let me immediately disappear from strong’s sight… More than ten times on and off, more firmly I and strong together determination. I knew that Jon loved me from the bottom of his heart and that I was devoted to him. I also asked strong, asked him to love me what, he always very bad to say, what all love? He said love was love for no reason, no words. Me too, really! There is a kind of love, it is true, what love, what is not clear. Last December, after the wi高頻交易nd and rain, I and strong married. I knew my mother-in-law had always been prejudiced against me. But I promised strong, will be a good daughter-in-law, will be a clever daughter-in-law, filial daughter-in-law. However did not expect, since the marriage, the mother-in-law’s black face is more and more long. She scolded me for not knowing anything. I was just a peasant girl who didn’t know much about the world and etiquette. I at home, always try to do their own, but in the eyes of the mother-in-law, even a nanny is not as good as. When I left my house and married into a rich family, I was like a bird in captivity. Completely lost the freedom, more lost the dignity. Once, my husband and I went to bed early and did not know my mother-in-law was still watching TV in the living room. That night, my husband made me very itchy! A: hi! Maybe the decibels are a little higher. Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law came to smash the door angrily. Call me a whine, like a whore… I can’t stand such words! On the bed by laughing to cry, the first time with her mother-in-law docking, I said: “you also tube is too much! . “Did not expect, is this sentence, but annoyed the husband. ‘I shouldn’t have talked to my mother like that,’ he said. ‘I respect my elders too much!’ I said, when did your mother ever respect財富自由 me? Does she sound good? Strong see my eyeful is tearful, hurriedly gave me an apology. He said that his mother has always been like this, he grew up with this tone of scold, mother-in-law and father-in-law have always been like this, the family are used to. Strong said, the mother-in-law is knife mouth, tofu heart. Otherwise. Will we ever get married? Since the mother-in-law agreed with me into this door, it said that the heart recognized me. But anyway? Recognition or test. No sarcasm, no sarcasm! I just married not long ago, how “Wolf howling ghost cry”? How can you be an adulteress? However, the next morning, under the husband’s compulsion, I still reluctantly with the mother-in-law said sorry, but she did not talk to me. Strong said, ignore me rightness, mean to accept apology. Days? After that. Again with strong make love, every time I am very depressed. Private detective in my excitement, strong don’t need to give me a towel to shut up, or use tape to stick to me, anyway, don’t let me voice… Facing such a family, I can’t bear it any more. I let qiang buy a house for me, even if I am afraid of renting a house. I don’t want a villa anymore! Maybe I am cheap life! I want to go back to the past, to the *** house, back to love that time. Marriage is the tomb of love, there’s nothing wro套利ng with that…

Private detective, I’m in love with a relationship liar I met liu liang, I was driving out of the villa, the car to the halfway suddenly no air, the original is broken glass broken in the tire. Just when I admit bad luck, liu liang did not know from where blunt come out, pull my arm, the eye contain full deep feeling, he says, small min, you came back finally. Later, I learned that he was mistaken. Private detective, that day liu liang looks very lonely, he said, his wife has died for more than two years, he has been unable to get out of that shadow, and I look like her, so can’t help but put me as her. This affectionate man makes my heart inexplicably sad. It’s been four years since my husband cheated on me and divorced me. When liu liang left that day, he said he could have a call later. The result did not have how long, I go bar to amuse oneself, by rascal pester, hide in toilet to liu liang call, let him pick me up. Liu lianglai’s time is very men, he according to that rascal’s head is a bottle of wine, took my hand to run out. We raced through the night, feeling like elopement. It had been a long time since a woman my age had had such pure passion, and he kissed me when he stopped. I had the shyness of eighteen again. Liu liang asks, where is your car? I said it wasn’t fixed. He took a taxi to send me back to the villa, his eyes always fall on the gorgeous decoration. He said admiringly, lily, you are really rich. I just smiled. What can I say? Do I want to tell him, this villa is my friend, she goes abroad a year, let me live in his villa first, maintain a car regularly for her. Liu liang is very good to me, meticulous in life, huan love is also extremely gentle, many times, I want to tell him the truth, but still can not open his mouth. Liu liang told me that he would marry me when his company was in trouble and needed money to run it. He said that he did not want to miss me such a good woman, virtuous and sensible, considerate and im基隆徵信社推薦plicit. I am no fool, of course understand what is going on, I just excuse, because ex-husband’s slander, my assets temporarily frozen. I have been more and more inseparable from him, although he put more emphasis on money, but his heart is true to me, sometimes, in the middle of the night, he will touch my face, gently kiss, from behind me to sleep, I just pretend not to wake up. Until one day, when I was dating liu liang, I met min in a western restaurant. Yes, min is not dead, she actually abandoned liu liang two years ago, with a rich man. Oh, liu liang, are you still doing this? This woman is your new one. Liu liang’s blush green again, feign is not comfortable, say to take me to go first. Originally, he is not the manager of what company, he is just a cheater, he deliberately in the villa group or the rich community on the road to put broken glass slag, if the tire was punctured is a woman, he said she was like his dead wife kind of lie. It i台北徵信社推薦s a pity that he is not good at cheating and is always found out. Liu liang never contacted me again, probably because he felt ashamed to see me. In fact, what about contact? My friend came back from abroad soon. I also returned the keys of the car and villa to her. Actually, I’m just a kindergarten teacher. I went back to my old life, only to think of liu liang from time to time, whether he loved me or not. That day a child in my class had a high fever, I sent to the hospital, met in a hurry to liu liang, he saw me, leng. Before leaving, liu liang pulled me, he said, in fact, I have been missing you. My tears almost fell out. He said, “I’m sorry, lily. I did it for my son. He was sick and sick. After I left you, I regret never doing that again. I have a stationery store now and I’m getting by. P.i. I turned around with tears in my eyes. Don’t you mind that I’m just a kindergarten teacher? I love you. Liu liang hugged me tightly, as if to embrace t新北徵信社推薦he whole world.

Newlywed night mother-in-law station door command my room

XLM盈幣寶When I think of my wedding night, my heart fills with trepidation. It was a hot summer day and shunzi and I were married. Shunzi is our local famous silly boy, honest, honest. Shunzi was stimulated at a small time, the brain is somewhat stagnant, but he knows what things, but the response is relatively slow speech, but is called a fool. Of course, I wouldn’t marry a fool for nothing. I was born with a limp on my right leg. I am very beautiful, but a lot of men are taboo my legs, blind date many times have not succeeded, so finally to my resolution to marry shunzi. The day shunzi and I got married, the village was full of gossip. A group of children shouted around me, lame man married a fool, this will be a good show. Not only was I not sad, but I was very pleased with myself. I was so angry that I wanted to show them how shunzi and I could live a happy life. Fool how, this world’s happiest person is fool, and shunzi is notUSDT盈幣寶 stupid. At the banquet, shunzi and I poured wine for the guests respectfully. Many people looked at us with that kind of eyes. Some of the young men joked with my mother-in-law that you were going to have to do a good job tonight. The mother-in-law smiled, of course, of course. We have a local custom, wedding night, the mother-in-law to help the bride make the bed, after the groom bride into the bridal chamber, the mother-in-law to wait outside the door, but also through the Windows and doors to command the son and daughter-in-law round house. This has two meanings, one is to give the child a final education before he becomes an adult, the other is to tell the daughter-in-law to obey the arrangement of her parents-in-law and not to be filial to the elderly, which is a wake-up call. That day, I was very excited. Especially in the evening, my heart began to beat. A lot of people gathered in the room to make fun of the weddiTRX盈幣寶ng room, and it was only after midnight that they gradually dispersed. There were still a few people hiding in the corner waiting to watch our play. Shunzi gently carried me to bed. About once the hour arrived, the mother-in-law began to carry out her “arrangement” outside the door. This thought that the mother-in-law is also go through the motions of separation, did not think she was very serious. The mother – in – law was born with a loud voice. Just turned off the light, the mother-in-law shouted outside, shunzi ah, quick turn on the light, less than time, you this silly boy, she began to swear. Shunzi hurriedly off the bed to turn on the light, I do not know how to return a responsibility, the light is broken, how to press the light is not bright, this can be anxious bad mother-in-law, kept outside Shouting. To prevent a joke, I asked shunzi to come in and explain to her. Shunzi just came in was a slap in the face by tOKB盈幣寶he mother-in-law, finally forced shunzi lit a candle. Then, hiding in the corner of the bedroom, came a burst of ridicule. Then, the mother-in-law began to call me, qiu yun, help shunzi undressed. Ashamed, I whispered back, yes. But she did not hear, immediately amplified the sound of several times, and shouted, qiu yun, you heard not ah, quickly help shunzi undressed. Next is the mother-in-law one after another Shouting, outside the command. I didn’t sleep well all night. Dawn, and was awakened by the mother-in-law’s cry, repeat last night on a series of actions. The next morning, the story of our last night had spread all over the village and had become a source of gossip. Later, shunzi and I went to the town to do small business, earn a lot of money, I gave birth to a big boy for shunzi, did not expect a few years later, the child grew dexterous and beautiful, the day had a good shape, we in the eyes of the position sloNEO盈幣寶wly promoted up.